API - SDK scalability


The SpinalCore SDK is now available in two languages ​​C ++ and Javascript (NodeJS). The SDK is accessible online through our Developer Resource Center. It consists of documented open source software libraries (connectors) that software developers can directly integrate to create native applications. These libraries provide:

  • Data graph replication with the BOS

  • Data synchronization with BOS at a very fine level of granularity

  • Managing access and data rights at a very fine level of granularity

  • Managing events in the event of a change in data and launching an associated service (distributed CEP, Complex Event Processing)

With the SDK, application developers can perform the following functions:

  • Improving or creating data models

  • Improvement or creation of data graphs (complex models)

  • The creation of new local applications

  • The creation of new local analysis systems orchestrated by the BOS

  • Connection and data exchange with new sources of building information

  • The creation or improvement of new drivers / connectors with automated field systems

  • The creation or improvement of API for presenting building data to legacy systems, cloud services or any other third-party service.

The API gateway

Our APIs are described in the Developer Resource Center.

When installing a BIS, the integrator will determine which are the "certified" applications, or "native" applications, which can be connected natively to the BOS via the SDK and which "third" applications will be connected. Via APIs with more supervised exchanges.

  • The "native" applications could for exemple be :

    • SpinalCom Digital Twin Suite applications (SpinalTWIN Suite)

    • Partner applications certified by SpinalCom

    • The applications developed by the future operator that he will be responsible for certifying.

  • The "Third party" applications are all the other applications which will have to exchange data with the BIS but on which the integrator or the operator cannot engage their responsibility as for the correct functioning and the criticality of these applications vis-à-vis. The proper functioning of the BIS. These applications will be connected behind the API server (API Gateway) to provide a second layer of supervision, monitoring and security of data exchanges.

This will separate the responsibilities:

  • The BIS integrator will be responsible for all "native" parts with publishers of certified "native" applications.

  • Publishers or providers providing third-party applications will be responsible for their system and third-party connectors with native APIs.

The API gateway and all "native" APIs are built on the basis of the SpinalCore SDK. It is possible, via the SDK, to build new specific APIs to respond to specific requests.