The BOS SpinalCore

A robust and flexible data management platform

The BOS is a “core” software platform that operates at the building level and which brings together all the data related to the building. This makes it possible to offer streamlined and controlled data management for all future digital services linked to your building (a digital twin), but also a robust platform that will ensure the evolution of services and applications over time.

More specifically, the objective of the Building Operating System (BOS) is to break down the silos between the different systems:

  • Automated building systems (OT) such as Technical Building Management (GTB), access control, comfort sensors, IoT ...

  • Information systems (IT) that use building data: Building maintenance management (CMMS), ERP, space management, reservation management, office automation ...

To do this, the Spinalcore BOS streamlines, pools and simplifies the flow of information between OT (Operational Technologies) data and IT (Information Technologies) data, which enables data convergence and systems interoperability.

Open and flexible, the BOS allows and facilitates the development, deployment and use of numerous applications as well as their evolution throughout the life cycle of your building. Thanks to BOS, your building will become a scalable digital platform.

The BOS is an integral part of the real estate asset. It is the cornerstone of the building information system. It is the essential link between the physical world and the digital world. It manages the digital twin of the building and constitutes the digital asset of your building.

Endless use cases

There is no limit to the core system data use case possibilities that we propose to implement. This brings together building data and business applications but above all organizes and contextualizes the data.

Each data has:

  • Semantics,

  • Contextualization,

  • Building ontology,

to allow cross-referencing of all the data.

Consequently, the possibilities for creating applications or solutions dedicated to occupants are multiplied and the use cases almost infinite!

A technological ecosystem

Over the past two years, significant growth in service offers and digital applications for buildings and their occupants. This dynamism concerns all the objectives of better use of buildings: from the experience and quality of life at work, to energy consumption through the maintenance.

The main families of applications and solutions dedicated to occupants can be grouped into the following categories:

  • "Specialists": who respond to a specific and dedicated use,

  • The "Portals": which bring together a set of services,

  • “Tailor-made”: which allow developments as close as possible too needs.

Our core system supplies data to these applications, making it possible to keep them up to date with the building data and above all offers a fast and efficient connection (or disconnection) of its applications thanks to standardized interfaces (API).

The choices of services and applications can be put in place, exchanged, replaced throughout the evolution of building uses as well as the advancement of third-party developments. The choice of services and applications becomes much lighter and more agile. The Customer remains in control of his data and is robust to the change of services / applications.