Creating Your Autodesk Forge Customer Account

Why an Autodesk Forge account?

Spinalcom has a partnership and open strategy. Our objective is to allow the use of the best technologies on the market for each module or brick of the information system. For importing BIM models or CAD files, we have created a connector with the APIs of the Autodesk Forge platform. For 3D visualization, we integrate the Forge web viewer, the most efficient on the market to date. Note that once the models are converted, all the operating data of your asset is managed and managed by the Spinalcore BOS.

To use our Spinaltwin Studio application, import BIM models or CAD files to build your digital twin, you will therefore need an Autodesk Forge account. This account can be taken in your name or on behalf of your clients.

This account is mainly used to convert BIM models or CAD files to allow their importation into the BOS Spinalcore database. To enable the use of these APIs, Forge offers to purchase prepaid token packs which will be debited automatically based on your use of the API.

To create an Autodesk Forge account and obtain an App ID, please follow the steps below:

  • Connect to the site:

  • Create your account

  • Create an "application" with at least access to the Model Derivative API: Model Derivative API :

    • The only important data in the application creation page are the ID and the Secret. It is not necessary to fill in the other fields.

  • If you offer your customer the possibility of using your account, we recommend that you create one application per customer in order to better manage your consumption.

  • At this point, if this is your first Autodesk Forge account, you get 100 free tokens for 3 months to do your testing.

Editing Configuration Files with Your Autodesk Forge Application Credentials

Once your Autodesk forge application is created, go to modify the configuration file ".config.json" with the username of the Forge application to which this system will connect ...

/!\ Warning /!\

If a modification has been made in the .config.json configuration file and the system has already been started once, it will be necessary to destroy and restart the list of pm2 processes with the new configurations.

pm2 delete allpm2 start launch.config.js# + save if needed