Use the BMS or IoT Network context

Use of OT context

OT (Operational Technology) network contexts make it possible to describe and structure data coming from sensors, actuators or controllers deployed in the field (building management systems, IoT, Access control, SCADA, etc.) and to synchronize and to record the values, setpoints and alarms coming from the measurement points of these networks.

It also makes it possible to view current data in the form of a dashboard, to view the data history and to link the measurement points with the objects of the digital twin.

OT network type contexts are organized as follows:

  • network context

    • network (réseau)

      • device (automate)

        • endpoint (point de mesure, alarme ou des consigne)

          • TimeSeries (série temporelle correspondant à l'historique)

Handling the OT network context

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Make the connection between a measuring point and an object of the digital twin

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