Developer resources

Prerequisites to become a Spinalcore information systems developer

To develop on Spinalcore information systems it is first necessary to know how to integrate and administer a Spinalcore BOS. We recommend following the integrator approach before starting to develop new modules or "organs".

The following minimum skills are required:

  • Administration linux, npm, nodejs for the installation and deployment of the various building blocks of the information system

  • IP network administration for network configuration, servers and redirects or apache proxi

  • Administration and configuration of databases, notions of graph database to get started with BOS Spinalcore

  • JavaScript development, nodeJS for the adaptation of functionality and the development of custom functionality or applications using APIs

  • Specific training in Spinalcore systems and the digital twin for the use of our integration tools (studio, drive, graph manager, admin center, API gateway)

This resource center provides documentation and tutorials on application development on a Spinalcore BOS system offered by Spinalcom. Training is recommended with Spinalcom experts to validate all the development skills above our information systems.

Native Development based on SDK or data exchange via API

Two development methods are proposed:

  • About the API: You have a system installed and you want to exchange data with third-party applications or new applications. Use the API to access or exchange data.

  • About the SDK: You want to develop new applications natively compatible with the SpinalTwin digital twin.