SpinalCore graph

Key definitions

SpinalCore is a datahub that offers a graph management, replication and synchronization system. Several terms are used in this documentation to take on the graph and its elements. We explain here the principles notions.

  • Graph : A graph is an assembly of knots connected to each other through links. SpinalCore implements an "oriented" graph in which all the links make sense (parents/children). The tool "graph inspector" of the studio offers a process and comprehension interface of the SpinalCore graph. Each digital twin is represented by a graph.

  • Context or ontology : a "context" is a sub-part of the graph, a particular ontology. It's a tree view of the graph data that starts in a particular knot and that goes through the graph by following certain specific links. Hereunder are classic examples of data contexts

        • Geographic tree view: Building/ Floor/ Room/ Equipment...

        • Occupants tree view: Buildings/ Enterprise occupants

        • Functions tree view: Primary function / Secondary function/ Networks / Equipment

        • Personalized tree view 1: Occupation / room type / floor type

        • Arborescence 2: Equipment/ Alarm / Tickets status type

        • ...

  • Node : a knot in a Graph base. In the SpinalCore BOS: all the BIM models are knots, but also the attributes, links, documentation, tickets, alarm, consumption states. All the knots are connected to each other with links: for example "room 232 contains equipment: air conditioning block, lighting, furniture..." the knot "room" is linked to "hasBIMObject" with the air conditioning, lighting and furniture blocks. Certain types of knots are represented in the following figure, at the "OBJECTS" level.

  • Connection: the connection makes it possible to link 2 knots with a logical knot. The name of the connection is often linked to the name of the type of object connected (for example HasBimObject, HasEndPoint...). In the SpinalCore graph, the connections are oriented (parents/children) and each connection can have several children but one parent.

  • Children connection: is the set of child connections that a knot possesses

  • Parent connection: is the set of parent connections that a knot possesses

  • Leaf : is a leaf in a Graph diagram, which is to say, a knot which has no more child connections, a terminal knot. The leaf types are:

        • Documentation: documentary file (pdf, jpeg, docx...) linked to the object

        • Attribute: set of values linked to the knots (technical, organizational, running value, purchase order value attribute...)

        • Time series: history of certain attribute values

        • Log : descriptive alphanumeric chain of a change

        • Geometry : for objects connected to digital BIM models, gives the 3D geometry of the object


Hereunder, an example of a graph from the project resources. The global graph is constituted of all the knots and blue and orange connections. The geographic context or ontology is the sub-part of the graph represented by blue knots and connections.