Architecture of your SpinalCore system

Architecture diagram of the BIS based on the BOS SpinalCore

The architecture of a building information system (BIS) based on the SpinalCore BOS is shown in the following diagram. The detail of the elements of the legacy layer (above) and of the terrain or edge layer (below) are represented as third-party systems which exchange data with the BOS.

The different components of the BOS system (in the blue frame named "Native Applications") are:

  • The SpinalCore Datahub, the heart of the BOS platform or "nerve center", performs the transversal management functions of the system's data and the management of the digital twin.

  • The SDK for the development, deployment, synchronization and orchestration of native BOS services. The SDK offers a set of software modules (Spinal Connector) that provide functions of replication and synchronization of digital twin data and management of events on data modification. These modules act as "nerve endings" of the BOS.

  • A suite of native services / micro-services (developed on the basis of the SpinalCore SDK), which we call the "organs" of the BOS and which we divide into several categories:

      • The API gateway to third-party IT services of the legacy layer or the building layer

      • The API gateway (or driver gateway) to third-party OT systems in the field layer,

      • Native building layer applications built directly on the basis of the Spinalcore SDK, native building analysis systems (AI, Analytics, building statistics)

      • Connectors with other data sources in the building layer (BIM, DOE, occupancy, room reservation services, agenda, etc.)

Data flow diagram

The following diagram shows the flow of data integration or the "data processing chain" allowing, from bottom to top:

  • data integration via specific connectors with each application silo,

  • standardization of data in a unified format,

  • contextualization in the digital twin to give meaning

  • the replication and synchronization of enriched data while preserving the meaning and consistency of the data provided by the digital twin

  • sharing and opening this data to facilitate application development

The BOS SpinalCore brings all of these data processing layers plus a few native visualization, exchange or processing applications that we are constantly enriching.