Spinalcore BOS management applications

Applications overview

Once the template system processes have started, you can access the various native applications supplied with the Spinalcore BOS:

  • SpinalAdmin: the Spinalcore BOS administration console

  • SpinalDrive: the virtual file management environment

  • SpinalTwin Studio: the digital twin integration environment

  • SpinalTwin Graph Inspector: the inspection interface of the base graph of your digital twin

Spinalcore Admin

Spinalcore Drive

Spinaltwin Studio

Spinaltwin Grph manager

Access the drive and the administration console in a web browser

Start your favorite browser (we strongly recommend Google Chrome) and type the following addresses:



Note that by default, the Spinalhub server (core of the BOS) starts on port 7777 and starts several sub servers that listen on ports 7778, 7779 and 7780. These variables can be modified in the configuration file ".config.json".

The password can be changed in the configuration file in `.config.json`. The template comes with a pre-configured password for the default user "admin". You will find this password in the configuration file ".config.json".

We strongly recommend that you change your administrator password from the first installation.

/!\ Warning /!\

If you change this password via the drive or the admin you will also have to modify the .config.json file, destroy the PM2 processes then restart the system to update the environment variables.

pm2 delete allpm2 start launch.config.js# + save if needed