Create group contexts

What is a group context?

Spinalcore uses a base graph. The "natural" visualization of a graph is more generally a tree structure or a complex diagram.

The fact remains that arrays of similar objects, such as nomenclatures, are important and useful.

The studio therefore makes it possible to create group contexts which make it possible to structure lists of objects of the same nature (parts, equipment, measurement points, etc.). These allow quick access to objects, organize documentation by groups, compare and edit schedules easily ...

Group contexts are always organized the same way :

  • Contexte

    • Catégorie

      • Groupe

        • Instance

The following examples guide you through creating your first contexts.

Create a room group context

Copie EN de Créer un contexte de groupe de pièces

Create an equipment group context

Copie EN de 2- Créer un contexte de groupe d'équipements