Installation, start and management of processes


The prerequisites are described on page Administer your Spinalcore system

Once the Template archive has been retrieved, please follow the following procedure:


Extract the content from the archiv

tar -xhzvf "BOS_SpinalCore_&_SpinalTwin_Suite_27-04-20.tar.gz"

System launch and management

We use PM2 as a process manager to manage and keep the applications running. Therefore, PM2 must be installed on the server on which you are deploying the BOS.

Installation of PM2

npm install pm2 -g

Start-up and management of the system in CLI via PM2

Go to the directory containing the information system modules

cd "BOS_SpinalCore_&_SpinalTwin_Suite_27-04-20/"

pm2 start launch.config.js

To restart all the processes (or organs) of the system or launch them one by one you can use the following commands

pm2 start all

pm2 restart all

pm2 start spinal-organ-forge-7777

To shut down the entire system or a specific process (or organ):

pm2 stop launch.config.js

pm2 stop all

pm2 stop spinal-organ-forge-7777

To list the processes and their status

pm2 list # ou pm2 l

To stop or destroy the processes in the list

pm2 delete launch.config.js

pm2 delete all

pm2 delete spinal-organ-forge-7777

To save and / or start processes at c.f system startup:

Specific configuration of certain processes (or organs) of the Spinalcore system

Organs are full-fledged applications that connect to the heart of the system to function. These bodies must have access to the data of the digital twin. As a BOS can contain several digital or graph twins (although we do not recommend it), it is necessary to configure each organ to give them the path to the graph in the base of the BOS. These configurations are available in the directories of each organ:

  • organs / spinal-organ-ticket / build / config.js

  • organs / spinal-organ-calculate-dashboard-data / config.json

  • organs / - spinal-organ-connector-bacnetIP / config.json5 (c.f organs / spinal-organ-connector-bacnetIP /