Evolve Your Spinalcore System

Install or update an organ

Unit recovery

For "public" organs you can find them in our Github Spinalcom repository and then download this repository.

For "private" or personalized organs, you must contact your Spinalcom contact.

Deposit extraction

Once in possession of the repository, it will suffice to extract everything in the "organs" folder of your installed BOS system.

# unzip the organ

$> unzip organ.zip -d "/path/to/spinalsystem/organs"


In general, organs have a configuration file to edit. There are several possible paths for the configuration file:

  • spinalsystem/organs/SPINAL_ORGAN/config.json

  • spinalsystem/organs/SPINAL_ORGAN/config.json5

  • spinalsystem/organs/SPINAL_ORGAN/build/config.js

In general, it will be necessary to refer to the README.md file to understand the specificities linked to the particular functioning of this organ.

Configuration for pm2

To add the organ to the list of processes followed by PM2, you must modify the filespinalsystem/.apps.json as explained below:

"apps": [{
"name": "spinal-core-hub",
"script": "spinalhub.js",
"cwd": "./nerve-center/"
"script": "index.js",
"cwd": "organs/SPINAL_ORGAN"

Start the system

Once the file .apps.json modified, it is possible to start the organ with the command like the others and to follow it with PM2 Gui:

pm2 start launch.config.js

Installation or update of a web application (browser organs)

Installing and updating a web application is simple:

  1. Recovery from the Spinalcom teams of the zip containing the application.

  2. Extract the compressed directory into the folder spinalsystem/.browser_organs