Create a geographic context

Create your geographic context

There are several ways to build your geographic context depending on the quality of your models

1st method: your models are clean and the "part" objects in 3D exist

A clean mockup is a mockup that scrupulously follows the specifications and guidelines offered by Spinalcom. Using a model in operation consists in using the data contained in the model. The quality and proper structuring of data is an essential element for the integration and configuration of a quality information system.

If your model follows our specifications, all the processing algorithms developed by SpinalCom will work optimally and a few clicks will be enough for you to configure your digital twin automatically.

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2nd method: Advanced generation with 3D volume of parts

For an "Advanced Generation",

You will also need a model that follows the specifications and charters proposed by Spinalcom, but remaining more flexible in terms of the name of the attributes. It also allows you to add additional categories for the structures.

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