Administer your SpinalCore system

Prerequisites to become an integrator or administrator of SpinalCore information systems

The integration of a BIS information system based on the SpinalCore BOS must be carried out by a trained IT integrator with at least the following skills:

  • Administration linux, npm, nodejs for the installation and deployment of the various building blocks of the information system

  • IP network administration for network configuration, servers and redirections or proxi apache

  • Administration and configuration of databases, notions of graph database to get started with BOS SpinalCore

  • JavaScript development, nodeJS for the adaptation of functionality and the development of custom functionality or applications using APIs

  • Specific training in Spinalcore systems and the digital twin for the use of our integration tools (studio, drive, graph manager, admin center, API gateway)

This resource center provides documentation and tutorials on using the integration tools offered by Spinalcom. Training is recommended with Spinalcom experts to validate all the skills in integrating and administering our information systems.

Installation prerequisites

To install the BOS Spinalcore core system, the following configuration is required:

  1. A linux x64 machine (we recommend ubuntu 18.08 LTS), a physical server or a virtual machine can be used. RAM and CPU resources required depend on the digital twin you are going to manage and the building you are going to pilot. Please contact us in case of questions or for a deployment on any other linux distribution.

  2. nodejs + npm installed on your linux distribution

  3. pm2 (process manager) install globally on your server or virtual machine.

  4. The acquisition of a right to use licenses for SPINALCOM products.

Please contact us to obtain the installation template.