Project resources

What is a smart building, how to set up a BIS, a BOS ...

  • What is a BIS ?

  • What is a BOS ?

  • Why manage data quality and set up a streamlined building information system?

  • How to specify a BIS, a BOS ?

  • What resources and skills are needed?

  • How to implement a smart batch or a digital project for the building?

  • ...

We have set up and are regularly updating this project resources center in order to best answer all of these questions. The content of this resources center aims to explain and share our experience, our recommendations and more generally our reflections on the digital building in order to best support the players in the digital building or smart building market.

Content of the project resources center

This project resources center contains :

  • Information to define and specify what are the BIS and the BOS

  • Reference architectures to understand the organization of BIS applications

  • Charter elements to add in your BIM and CCTP BMS, CMMS, occupant apps ... in order to specify a first level of quality on the building data

  • Recommendations on the organization, roles and responsibilities for the conduct of a project to set up a BIS

  • The specifications of the BOS Spinalcore