Create your digital twin in the Studio

SpinalTwin Studio application, data graph and digital twin

The Spinaltwin Studio application is the SpinalTwin digital twin setup tool. It allows you to gradually build your digital twin by integrating data from different information sources: BIM, Documentation, Attributes, measurement points, tickets, BMS, CMMS ...

Each connector or data integration module adds a new data "context" in the SpinalCore graph. The "ST Studio" and "ST Graph inspector" applications allow you to integrate, visualize, understand and modify the organization of the data graph in order to build a rich, relevant and unique digital twin adapted to the asset or to the building that he will represent and that he will pilot.

The creation of a digital twin is an essential step for the operation of the building. The construction of a quality digital twin will facilitate the integration, deployment and evolution of all the software or applications used to manage the building.

Useful applications for the creation of a digital twin

Spinalcore drive

The file management system allows you to import the mockups, create an empty digital twin (dynamic semantic graph), convert your mockups.

SpinalTwin Studio

The studio allows you to initialize your digital twin from one or more BIM models, to organize the data or to integrate and contextualize all the other data sources provided by the connectors.

Spinaltwin Graph Inspector

The graph inspector allows you to browse the graph of your digital twin, to understand its structure in detail, to verify and validate its structure and to understand all the links between data.

The process of creating a digital twin

This documentation will guide you through the different steps to gradually create your digital twin:

  1. Initialization

  2. Enrichment from static data

  3. Integration of other pseudo-dynamic & dynamic data typologies