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Project resources

You work for an assistant to a contracting authority or a contracting authority, a prime contractor, a real estate department or a CIO ...

The digitization of your assets is a strategic axis for your development. Do you have questions about the implementation of rationalized building information systems (BIS) based on a building OS (BOS)?

Our project resources help you understand, specify and organize a digital or smart project associated with your building or your asset.

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Integrator resources

You work for an software firm, for an IT department, a BMS or SCADA integrator ...

Are your customers asking you for a BOS or a digital twin, and are you interested in the new generation of smart building or industry 4.0 systems ensuring BIM / IT / OT convergence?

Our integrator resources allow you to install, configure and manage your smart information system, your BOS and your digital twin in complete autonomy.

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Developer resources

You are a software vendor, IT integrator, IT services company...

You or your company want to develop an offering for smart building, industry 4.0, digital twin in the broad sense.

The SpinalCore Digital Twin Operating System (DTOS) SDK, on which our BOS is based, allows you to create your applications, modules or more generally your information systems based on the management of a complete, dynamic, efficient and open digital twin.

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